About Me And The Blog

Hi, name is Professor_Vex.

If you haven’t heard of me before I’m crazy.I am a sociopath with a love for mystery, music and coding. My artist name is Professor_Vex, that name has just stuck so yeah i took that as my artist name, and Luke Dexter as my taken name.

However amidst the ruined mess that is my mind, there is something that has a passion for music and blogging and all of the above. Don’t ask me how it got there, i am just as surprised as you are about the abnormal situation. This whole blog is based around my life as a blogger, and a teen growing up in this new, foreign strange world. Even if no one listens i will still post and type because i can, no government can stop me.( WARNING NO POSTS WILL CONTAIN ANYTHING OFFENSIVE OR IN-EQUALITY…………….most of the time!)

I will voice my opinion on many things, from the news to the choice of music, and even maybe do some game play-throughs, and review certain music equipment and such. Lets hope you like me as much i like myself.

Kind Regards, Harry Newark (Luke Dexter, Fake Name)


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